Are all of your fresh meats raised by the Amish?
No, only the chicken from Gerber Amish Farms is raised by Amish. Our beef and pork are raised without steriods, antibiotics and hormones.

Why is your name Hefling's Amish Farm Market?
Hefling is the family name of our owner John Hefling.  When we began carrying some local Amish products from Marlette, Michigan, our parents asked and were granted permission by the church elders to use the word "Amish" in our business name. While many of those Amish families have retired or moved away, we still get local Amish made chocolates from Nov thru Feb and in-state seasonal Amish raised certified organic produce and Amish baked bread from Kauffman’s bakery out of Millersburg, Ohio.

Do you have another location?
No.  We have had only one location since 1952.

Why don't your beef labels say grass fed?
The regulations for labeling "grass fed" beef changed in recent years, so we only label the grain fed cuts of beef.

Is your beef grass finished?

Is any of your meat or products non-gmo?
Our Crooked Creek milk is the only non-gmo product in our store.

How do you tenderize your meat?
We use the jaccard process of meat tenderizing which uses sharp knife blades to break up meat fibers and increase tenderness.  We do not use chemical tenderizers or additives to enhance color or extend shelf life.

Do you sell whole cows or pigs?
No.  We only sell retail cuts of meat.

Do you sell pig's feet, chicken feet, chicken bones, duck, venison, goat, lard, beef knuckle bones, organ meat, jerky, beef liver, calf liver, brain, veal, ham hocks, ham bones, sausage casings, goats milk or unpasteurized milk of any kind?

Do you process deer?

Are your Thanksgiving turkeys fresh?
Yes, they are freshly processed but they come from out of state and must be transported at close to freezing.  So expect a hard shell and to be safe allow some thaw time.  After Thanksgiving, turkeys will be sold frozen.

Do you give bulk discounts?
Discounts are not automatic but may be given for orders of 100 pounds or pieces of the same item.  Orders must be placed in advance and discount approved by management before the order is picked up.  Freezer wrapping is an additional charge.  There is a 10% discount on cases of Gerber chicken when a two week advance order is placed.

Do you take phone orders?
Yes.  But we do not take credit card payments over the phone.

Do you ship products?

Online ordering with delivery or express pick-up will be available starting Sept 12, 2023.  Go to  Delivery is available in these areas: 48026, 48035, 48036,48038, 48045, 48042, 48044, 48043, 48047, 48051, 48066, 48081, 48082, 48312, 48313.

Do you take EBT?

Do you have family farm raised eggs?
Sauder’s eggs are Amish family farmed, but are graded, USDA inspected and packaged elsewhere.

Do you carry non-homogenized milk?
Yes, we carry Cream Line Milk from Crooked Creek.  It is pasteurized but non-homogenized.

What type of casings do you use for you sausages?
We use hog casings for both our pork and chicken sausages.  We also sell our sausages in bulk without casings.

Do you sell sour cream or cottage cheese?

Do you sell furniture?

Do you sell Amish baking or canning supplies?

Do you sell spices?

Is your Amish Roll Butter from grass fed cows?
According to the company, the cows may be fed both grass and grain.