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Holiday Shopping Hours for Thanksgiving

Monday, Nov 15-Fri Nov 19:  10am-6pm In-Store Shopping & Curbside
Saturday, Nov 20:  10am-6pm Curbside Only

Turkey Pick Up Hours: 
Sunday Nov 21,        noon-4pm    Curbside Only *
Monday Nov 22         9am-6pm     Curbside Only *
Tues Nov 23              9am-6pm     Curbside Only *
Wednesday, Nov 24, 9am-6pm     Curbside Only *

You can pick up your pre-ordered turkey on any of the listed turkey pick up days. You must pay for your turkey at the time of pick-up:  Turkeys are not pre-paid.  Please call  586-468-4501 if you need to change size or cancel your turkey order.  Size changes may not be possible as sizes sell out.

We do not sell cooked meals .  Our meat items are raw and must be cooked.

You may order turkey parts (hearts: livers: gizzards, giblets, wings, necks & drums).  We also have small smoked turkey drumsticks.

Niman Ranch Spiral Half Hams & Boneless Rib Roasts must be pre-ordered as well.
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Christmas Orders Starting November 29th

Call to Place Christmas Orders Starting Nov 29-Dec 18, 2021 Call for Prices & to Place Orders at 586-468-4501
Curbside Service Still Available
CALL 586-468-4501

Hefling's Amish Farm Market Holiday Menu

Call to Place Christmas Orders Starting Nov 29-Dec 18, 2021
Call for Prices & to Place Orders at 586-468-4501

Download "Website Menu FORM 2021.pdf"

We specialize in minimally processed, naturally raised fresh meats and produce!

Our fresh meats--beef, poultry, and pork--are raised as naturally as possible, without the use of steroids, antibiotics and growth hormones.

We carry a limited selection of frozen lamb from Australia, frozen ground buffalo from Colorado and beef bones for bone broth.

We make the majority of our artisan chicken and pork sausages without the use of nitrates and nitrites.

 We process our meats minimally, without the use of commercial additives to enhance color or extend shelf life.

We are a full service meat shop and can custom cut orders for two or two hundred.

Make dinner easy with our freshly prepared, oven-ready dinner entrees such as beef stuffed London broil, Muenster Chicken Encroute, pineapple basil chicken sausage, gluten free chicken patties or our own stuffed pork tenderloins.

 For the holidays, serve our signature seasoned boneless and defatted rib roast, beef chateaubriand or pork crown roast custom cut to your specifications.

    We carry a variety of other food choices at prices that families can afford, such as: certified organic produce, in-season Amish raised certified organic produce, Amish dairy cheeses, real salted roll butter, cage-free and organic eggs, and Crooked Creek Milk. Daily product selection varies so call ahead and place orders to guarantee selection.